Assessing the gap between customer expectation and perception of service quality and E-Service quality in the banking industry: An empirical study of foreign and domestic banks in the city of Kuala Lumpur

John John Udoh, Meysam Safari


For any organization to be relevant to its customers, it is proven by research and organizations, that Service and E-service quality is a very vital aspect of organizational development. Based on recent and previous studies, it is shown that researchers continuously want to study how service or e-service quality relates to customers satisfaction. Nevertheless, after understanding the literature and comparison has been made, the author realizes that service and e-service quality have been covered in different organizations, context, and industries. Also, the banking sector has not been left out. As a conclusion, with regards to the findings, it clearly shows that both domestic and foreign banks have not done enough to close the gap of expectations from their customers regarding their service quality and e-service quality, compared to what the actual perception is for the customers.

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