Crypto Assets in Unit-Linked Life Insurance

Andreas Svoboda


This article deals with the question why the establishment of cryptocurrencies as a direct asset class in unit-linked life insurance has not been possible so far. Similarly, crypto ETFs have played only a minor role in unit-linked life insurance to date. 

Unit-linked life insurance could benefit from immense return opportunities as well as tax advantages by incorporating crypto assets. However, on the one hand, the cryptocurrency market is hardly regulated worldwide so far, which runs counter to the current legal requirements for unit-linked life insurance. Listed crypto ETFs are still in their infancy, and they have not yet been approved in the European Union. 

It can be assumed that cryptocurrencies will only gain relevance as direct investments of unit-linked life insurance once the legal regulation of this market has been completed. Until then, insurance companies will probably rely to a greater extent on crypto ETFs and crypto ETNs to realize the return opportunities associated with cryptocurrencies. 

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.